Networks, VPNs and Firewalls

So, what does a Virtual Private Network do, and how could it be useful for your business. For a start just consider the problem of cyber crime. According to McAfee’sEconomic Impact of Cyber Crime, “Cybercrime is relentless, undiminished, and unlikely to stop. It is just too easy and too rewarding, and the chances of being caught and punished are perceived as being too low.” So it makes sense to find ways of protecting your digital data.

Commercially available solutions like NordVPN are classified as consumer VPNs, useful for when you’re in a coffee shop and wanting to read your emails, or shop on amazon, but they’re not quite right for things like connecting your computer to the office or building a network between your office sites.


A VPN can enable you to connect two sites together over the internet so that they appear to be the same network. This is really useful, especially now that bandwidth is less of an issue so sharing data between sites becomes so much easier.

People are also working from home so much more than in the past, a secure connection to the office services, or maybe the VOIP phone system are now essential, We use a system called PF sense to facilitate this, the connection can be very fast, especially with the emergence of new VPN technology such as wireguard.