IT Security

Also known as cyber security, it’s all about protecting your network, your data and your computers from unwanted attention now that everything is interconnected. So where do you start? Well a good place to begin is to not trust any source of data and then ensure that the only access required is granted directly, sometimes known as zero trust. From there we build a structure where only the minimum required access is granted

We have been protecting and securing systems to achieve the Payment Card Industry Digital Security Standard PCI/DSS since 2012 and have been tested many times against this standard so our experience can certainly be applied to your systems.

Protecting computers,  Anti virus is always needed – but there is always the threat of unwanted access from hackers so your network needs to be secure, no one should be able to get in, often the routers supplied from ISPs are not up to the task.

Keeping your staff informed: One of the most common ways for hackers to access your systems is by compromising a users computer by sending an email which sounds legitimate, your user then opens the email attachment which results in some software being installed that enables the hacker to get information out. So staff need to be able to identify suspicious emails and act accordingly.